Relationships Issues come in all spectrum whether you are Single, Married, Dating, Living in or in an Open Relationships. There is no relation that you call ideal relationship until you continually work to make it so. So if you are feeling bored, confused, suffocated, rejected, judged, cheated or lost, remember you are not alone! Help is around the corner if You Choose to Resolve & Evolve!

No one has succeeded in staying stuck in a rut or unhappy relationship with Self nor with the Other!

Sooner or later unresolved emotions/relationships take a toll over your mental and physical health too! To be in Denial is also a lack of unawareness which leads to painful endings sooner than we are prepared for!

Unrealistic Expectations is another stress factor in a relationship.

Better to wake-up and take charge of yourself and Relationships!

Let’s Answer these important questions

  • Have you been a victim of Narcissistic Relationship which left you completely Drained and Devalued?
  • Isn’t it time to Introspect and regain our Power?
  • If you don’t take the initiative Now…then when?
  • If You don’t Raise your Self Esteem and know your Worth then Who can?
  • Are you willing to Be the Change..Make the Change?

Time to Assert and not be passive nor aggressive! For a Relationship to thrive there are change of Beliefs! When you Heal, Relationships Heal! That’s been my learning from the roller coasters of emotional turmoil I went through and I know now what it takes to Renew Our Life and Relationships!

Let me gently guide you if you are willing to embark on a Journey into Love!

Does any of the above sounds true to You? As the saying Goes…It’s Never too Late…To Start All Over Again…

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