Don’t take each other for granted nor make romance your last priority. It only takes creative, sporty, open communication and fun tips to save you from monotony and boredom in the relationship.
  Here are few easy tips …to bring back the Zing and Spring in your Relationship.
  • Sign up for a class together, or learn something new together
  • Spice Up beyond he four walls of your bedroom
  • Try new spots and be spontaneous in Love gestures
  • Get lost in nature and watch the sunset together
  • Dress up and smell sexy and date each other like strangers.
  • Surprise with a sweet, sexy, or romantic note somewhere unexpectedly to find it.
  • Make time for morning cuddle time before you kick start your day
  • Stay up late talking about each other’s childhood, aspirations, fantasies etc
  • Buy a ticket to drama or  music show as a surprise
  • Take turns photographing each other than taking selfies
  • Take a road less traveled and sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs.
  • Cuddle up on the couch, and watch romantic film, TV show, or read a book together
  • Fix a Breakfast on a sunny lazy Sunday in Bed
  • Text compliments and sexy notes to make each other feel special
  • Flaunt Your Love show a little PDA (Public Display of Affection)
  • Experiment in the kitchen, and cook up something new as Teammates
  • Take a bubble bath or shower together
  • Pillow Fight to add zing to foreplay
  • Meditate looking into each other’s Eye with aromatic candles and sensual music
  • Take a Weekend Getaway once in every 2 months
  • Blind fold and let him dress you in a new lingerie
  • Enjoy the Moonlit Night together in Balcony in Silence
  • Appreciation boost connection. Share a list of the reasons you love them.
  • Book a Couple Massage and pamper each other
  • Go down the memory lane and revisit pictures from your early dating days or honeymoon phase
  • Go for a run, take a hike, do yoga, or work out with each other
  • Tease him with a Strip Dance on his favorite song
  • Contribute to a cause together for a Meaningful Life
  • Play fill in the blank game when away from each other
  • Rearrange a room in your house or make a happy moments collage
  • Ignite each other with a sensual dance in front of the mirror



Relationship and Life Coach
Shivanya Yogmayaa

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