About Me

Relationship and Self Love Coach


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both,

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference!

Knowing about me is very important because what I can do for you is even more important to know.

That’s Me – A woman with a Zest & Quest for Life & Love. One who wants to enjoy the finer things of life! Quite like a colorful butterfly who wants to taste the nectar of life. I love to explore Inner & External World through Positive Attitude & faith in God’s plan.

My Belief – Purpose of living on this earth is making a difference, transforming and evolving constantly.

Desire – To touch the hearts of people while spreading the message of compassion n forgiveness.

Professional Background – A  Softskills Trainer & Wellness Coach. Enjoyed a result oriented tenure of over 10years in varied Institution & Organization which included Talent Management.

How I am Important for you

Being an Evolving Relationship Coach, I have helped many women and couples with regards to their relationship issues through counselling. Offered new perspective in the Changing Era of Relationship Dynamics.

With the strong belief that Relationships are the Gateway to Self-Discovery, having realised through my own Journey of Life & Love . Evolving through Relationships, gave me the understanding of the Art of Handling Relationships in moments of trials and shadows

Message from Shivanya Yogmayaa – Resolve and Evolve with Unconditional Love for Self and the Other. Facing the Drama and Karma of Relationships one can Grow Spiritually through Awareness. Bringing one’s own Pain and Shadow play by Witnessing the other half as your Mirror and Teacher. One can Break-free from the Patterns and Cycles of Relationship issues.Learning & Unlearning Life & Love Lessons. Bringing forth the Sea Transformation for those who are Ready to Let Go, Accept and Understand that they hold the Key. And Rekindle Love and Sacred Union with the Man/Woman they Desire or Wish to Manifest.

Be in Love as without love Life is devoid of True Passion and Journey Incomplete.

  • Do you wish to enhance your present relationships or attract a new loving relationship?
  • Is Your Relationship Toxic and don’t know how to deal with it?
  • Are you standing on the crossroad of your Love Life and don’t know what’s Right or Wrong for You?
  • Are you feeling Lost and Feeble in Your Relationship?
  • Do You Want to Rise in Love for a Lasting Relationship?
  •  Relationship with the Self is what Defines Your Relationship with The World , would you then like to Rediscover & Build Your Relationship with the Self?
  • How Do you know if it’s Love or Lust that You are experiencing?
  • What is Love and Self Love?

Are you willing to release the past and allow a fresh start?

It’s never too late if you are committed to making the change. Be the change you wish to see!


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Monday to Thursday
10am to 6pm
For Appointments Call 8197108500
Catch us on Skype: total.wellbeing@gmail.com
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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi
    Read about ur zeal n feel 4 humanity..
    Quite impressed. .
    Wish u all d best. In 2days digital global all materialistic world relationship n communication consistency n it’s nature plays a important role .
    N with love one can move mountains keep aside d rest..
    Love 2 b part of ur endure ..


    1. Thank You Prgverma! I am and So are You…Only We are Living in our Falsehood/ EgoSelf…But that too is Okay…each one is Learning and Unlearning …We are Rebirthing Everyday…I share my Love & Life Lessons …and Grateful to All Who Shaped Me…and I am still in Process! Ever Awakening Ever Evolving…Thanks again for kind words!


  2. Shivanya is a wonderful coach.she is very expressive and always ready to learn and grow ,, her friendly nature creates a beautiful space for love and acceptance.


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